Mums United Campaign

National Heart Foundation

58% of Australian adults are overweight or obese, causing many heart-related diseases and cost the economy $17.9billion in 2009 alone. Even though people are concerned about their weight, it was found they had stopped listening to advice due to being overwhelmed and paralysed by all the confusing, conflicting information.

Mums United was launched in 2011 to deliver simple and practical healthy living advice that Mums could trust as well as promote the Heart Foundation ‘Tick’ as the solution to easy, healthier eating for this audience.

The Challenge

The Mums United community has grown considerably since 2011 and research shows that once Mums have been exposed to the content they are likely to remain engaged. However, over 50% of Mums in the core target audience (low SES) had yet to be exposed to the campaign.

The challenge was to continue to build brand awareness and trial Mums United within the core target audience with half the budget of 2012.

Our Observations

We recognised the success of previous years but also several important factors handicapping the campaign performance including: an over investment in metropolitan markets and magazines, no measurable response from the radio budget and the need to amplify content given the appeal once mums were exposed to the owned channels.

Our Strategy

We established that the most cost effective method of reaching new Mums was to prioritise regional markets which performed strongly for the target audience without the metropolitan cost premiums.

This approach was complemented by frequency capped digital video which focused exclusively on metropolitan Mums. This proved to be successful in generating awareness and traffic.

Our recommendation was to amplify content in magazines that performed strongly for the target audience. An editor led approach was implemented across nine months.

Amplifying content was a key component of the strategy recognising its strength among the target audience. Outbrain (contextual links on news sites) was recommended because of its ability to tease out responses from sites like with just a snippet of content.

The Results

All visitation and audience metrics to do with the Facebook community, eDM sign ups and the Mums United site over achieved:

- Mums United landing page: 163% of KPI target
- Total Page Views: 196% of target
- eDM sign ups: 101% of target
- Facebook Community: 103% of target

The ‘Tick Tracker’ measuring awareness and key behavior intentions, showed improvement during 2013, especially in regional markets. The 2013 client overview referenced the media planning contribution:

The latest quarter of the Tick Tracker (September 2013) reported close to 800,000,or 46% of mums in the 30 to 44 age group recalled seeing or reading at least one of the Mums United advertisements. While total recall rates were on par with the same quarter in 2012, it is important to note there had been significantly less activity in this latest quarter compared to 2012, along with no advertising activity in the first five months of 2013. This suggests that media was planned significantly more efficiently in 2013 than previous years of the campaign.