Taylors Wines

Optimum Drinking Temperature Launch

Prior to the summer of 2015/16, Taylors Wines launched a groundbreaking campaign which helped to improve the wine experience of 82% of Australians. Optimum Drinking Temperature (ODT) sensors were included on their popular Estate and Promised Land ranges. The temperature sensitive label provided an important point of difference in a cluttered market. More importantly wine consumers were being educated as research showed that the vast majority were not serving their wine at the optimum temperature.

The Challenge

Launch the Optimum Drinking Temperature campaign, amplify and expand a great idea through media owner and technology activations with a limited budget.

Our Observations

Wine is a cluttered category with over 2,500 Australian wineries alone. Australian wine consumers are astute and look for value across the major retailers. The ODT sensor campaign was an opportunity to harness a clear point of difference especially for the younger end of the market. The challenge was to educate and create awareness amongst key audiences and ensure they remembered and linked with the Taylors brand to assist retail outcomes.

Our Strategy

The strategy recognised the need for scale given the low margin, high volume category of bottled wine. In combination with affordable national reach, media channels were required to amplify the ‘temperature’ idea through activations, editorial, technology or other means.

Digital banners and CBD Lifts & Lobbies both harnessed current temperature and user’s location to create the link with the optimum drinking temperature of different wine varietals. The ‘originality’ of the campaign was leveraged with radio stations to assist the PR strategy with interviews, editorial, giveaway and promotions.

The Results

The ODT sensor has won numerous creative and effectiveness awards since its launch. The media strategy contributed to some outstanding engagement results. Visitation to the TaylorsWines.com.au site increased 281% over the campaign period and key metrics across digital platforms i.e. video, display, native, search and social were significantly higher than previous brand campaigns.

Media owners reacted with great interest which helped to generate a record number of PR mentions. Total reach of the campaign exceeded 6 million consumers assisted by added value which contributed a 128% budget stretch.