Our Process

Original Thinking.

We exist because we believe that a dedicated and independent media strategy agency provides greater value for advertisers. Pioneers in this space, we have remained true to our philosophy since 1997. During these years we’ve developed thinking that helps shape how we approach media.

Continuous Cognitive Engagement

Even astonishing things eventually become unremarkable. Messaging is no different. First to recognise the continuum between the new and remarkable, and the familiar and unremarkable, we develop strategies to account for this.

At Customedia we call it planning for “continuous cognitive engagement”. This enables us to develop effective campaigns that reach, influence and stimulate audiences.

The Need for Scale

While there is always a place for tricks, stunts and novelties, our focus is on the larger-scale factors that more heavily influence overall campaign success. Customedia works with brands and social programs where real and quantifiable change is required, such as increased market share or reduced rates of smoking.

Successful media ideas require creativity, value, audience synergies and a level of scale. Our knowledge of media and their audiences means we can quickly find those with the ability to meet all requirements.

Business Building vs. Business Getting

Different parts of the brain perform different roles. The right side processes emotions and has a longer-tem memory capability while the left is more rational. Business Building (or brand) messages attempt to engage the right side using emotional stimuli VS Business Getting (or sales) messages which engage the left side with rational propositions that encourage people to act.

Customedia was the first to recognise that these communications and channels work differently. We understand how media choice can create memories or encourage immediate action for your offering.

Media Ideas that Matter

Young media executives; while conscientious and passionate, often lack the experience of linking media delivery with business outcomes. We can assess whether a media idea will be of meaningful importance to a campaign quicker than most.

At Customedia our experience and knowledge means we don’t waste your time proposing media ideas that don’t matter, or cannot be measured.