Our Process

Proven Service.

Service is hard to quantify but vital to deliver. At Customedia our service is underlined by our ethos. There are three main service standards we strive to consistently deliver upon, in order to provide our clients with a supreme level of service and strong working relationship.

Be Unafraid of Failure

A media planner who also buys the media is unlikely to set aggressive media objectives for a budget for fear of criticism if their bought media schedule falls short. This is not an issue for us. We have no buying reputation to protect. We would rather see you marginally miss a stretch target than over-achieve on an easy one. We don’t do post analysis that’s self-serving or over-simplistic.

We question all results: good, bad and average. We encourage testing, and plan it into all of our client’s campaigns and we have the experience, confidence and discipline it takes to be able to construct the right tests to reproduce successful results, validate findings and establish how successful findings can be appropriately reapplied.


At Customedia, our absolute commercial impartiality independence and channel neutrality has enabled us to fulfill the role of trusted media advisor for some of Australia’s largest media investors.

Unlike others, we are not commercially impacted by expressing the view that a planned campaign is unlikely to succeed, by postponing campaigns, or by recommending other options where media agencies have no transactional connection; such as sampling, catalogues, POS or on-pack promotions etc.

At Customedia, our independent model independence and channel neutrality means we have the freedom to be able to advise you on how much is enough, or whether you should spend at all.


In new business submissions talk is cheap. Clients are promised big teams, big percentages of senior executives’ time and ongoing regular involvement. However, this often changes and clients are left with the sense that they are not getting the service they were promised.

At Customedia our team is responsive, experienced and here for you. Your phone calls will be answered by us, not a recorded message; yes this even includes our senior personnel. We come to your office for meetings because it keeps us connected with your business. At Customedia deadlines are not guidelines, they are always met and cost estimates will not be exceeded unless there is a significant change in a project’s scope.