Our Process

Smarter Campaigns.

Peter Drucker said that what gets measured gets managed. The simple act of focusing on predictions versus outcomes creates connections to be banked and reapplied in future projects.

Our tracked record

At Customedia we’ve always worked with clients who track campaign awareness and responses. Having managed and tracked 2,000+ mass media social marketing campaigns, we understand, more than most, the relationship between media activities, measured awareness and behaviour.

We know what works

We know that the media attributes that contribute to a campaign success are scale of coverage, campaign noting, multi-media exposure and recent recognition, with messages that have meaningful themes, consistency, continuity and broader rather than niche appeal.

Information is knowledge

All of our campaigns have an element of in-market testing. Even small campaigns can be cost effectively tracked. Consequently, our campaign post analyses are not like others. They integrate awareness tracking, offline and online media measures, web traffic and calls to call centres and more. These components then combine to tell you - what worked and should be done again, what didn’t and what might be worthy of future trial that was not used before.

Reporting that goes beyond the norm

Our reporting process also enables to note what generates recognition, reaction and activation, and at what cost. It also observes optimal periods of the year, days, times and channels for your campaign. It also notes what elements have short and long term effects; regional differences and also examines how to harness the creative capabilities of some media to provide additional persuasion and pressure against key target groups.

There is no better example of our process than the sustained multi-dimensional “That’s Life” paid and social media case study. The incremental impact that this project made to smoking cessation, was the equivalent of eliminating smoking in Tasmania.