Our Process

Timeless Advice.

Australia’s first and most enduring independent media strategy agency. Since 1997 we’ve been responsible for strategy and counsel for over $3billion worth of media investments, with some of this country’s biggest advertisers benefitting from our advice.


There is no teacher like experience, and our commitment to in-market testing, and campaign and performance tracking, has underpinned our evidence-based approach to media.

Behaviour change is challenging, especially so when the habits are satisfying, addictive, long-entrenched yet harmful. As the designers of 2,000+ social marketing campaigns for - road safety, anti-tobacco, water conservation, building sustainability, sun-protection, cancer screening, heart health & more - we understand better than most how to design media strategies that reflect and address the complexities.

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s major social marketing institutions, and many commercial industries such as banking, retail, finance, automotive, insurance, FMCG, software and fund-raising.

Our experience plus our genuine understanding of market and media research means few would be able to match our grasp on what it takes to get noticed, understood and remembered.

Independence & Channel Neutrality

First to separate media planning from buying in 1997, our commitment to this model guarantees distortion-free channel planning. Commissions, kickbacks and incentives can impact channel and media selection. Years ahead of the industry in the move towards commission rebates to clients, and hourly remuneration for our work, our client’s trust in this regard is paramount.

Independent of the media buyer and at financial arms-length from the media, the only influences on our recommendations are target audience affinity, media context, media research and our independent assessment of comparative media value.

Our unique commercial model places us beyond the inherent conflicts of interest when media planners are also the media buyers.


Our unique ability to provide ‘behind the scenes’ advice and our passion for diverse projects, means we can and do work on projects where there is no opportunity to be engaged as the permanent media strategy agency.

Self-interest drives major buying agencies to deny the existence of benefits for clients who buy direct.

Customedia is the only agency that will endorse and support partial or total direct media to client dealings when it is a suitable and beneficial arrangement for the advertisers.

At Customedia, the biggest differentiating factor between us and our competitors is flexibility. Willing to work with you on projects where we’re not the permanent media strategy agency, and willing to support direct media to client dealings – we’re there to support you, when and how you need it.